SOME two-and-a-half weeks ago, I wrote to Councillor James Alexander, the leader of the council, with the suggestion that following the relocation of the Askham Bar park and ride, a golden opportunity had arisen for the council to facilitate the building of social/affordable housing on the redundant car park.

I am still awaiting his reply.

I asked that discussions be undertaken with a local housing association, who I am quite sure would grasp the opportunity to develop this site with both hands.

All members of council agree that this type of housing is desperately needed in the city.

This opportunity must not be lost: it is a golden opportunity to show that our Labour council does care about affordable housing.

So come on Cllr Alexander – take some positive steps to help in some small way to alleviate the situation and get talking to a housing association.

Cllr John Galvin, Bishopthorpe ward, City of York Council.