I FAIL to understand City of York Council: they seem to solely concentrate on features such as York Minster and the city walls and fail to think about or consider other features and delights around York, for the residents as well as visitors.

One of these is the proposed development of housing adjacent to Askham Bog.

Why is the council wanting to use green land? Why can’t some of the derelict areas around York be redeveloped?

Why can’t the council think ahead for the future generations?

It seems that the council has tunnel vision concerning anything beyond York Minster and the walls.

Will the council listen to the objections of the locals living here or will they as in the past just ignore them and go ahead – because that is what they want.

The council is meant to be there for the residents of York, is it not?

Mrs L Mills, Oxtoby Court, Fishergate, York.