SO, Le Grande Debacle is almost upon us. But what will be the legacy? (Apart from a few filled-in pot holes).

Perhaps it will encourage more people to cycle – a good thing you might think – or perhaps not.

This poem does not of course apply to any of my cycling friends.

Le Grande Debacle (To the tune of La Marseillaise)

We are the sanctimonious cyclists

We’re on a mission, we have a cause,

To save the planet from pollution,

You should be grateful, you should applaud.

And we jump the red lights ‘cos we can

Then we sneak up on the blind side

And squeeze through tiny gaps at high speed,

We really think the rules do not apply to anyone in Lycra.

Hurrah for knobbly knees!

Hurrah for pot-bellies!

Bike on! Bike on!

Through rain and sleet, We’ll meet in casualty!

Hurrah for itchy piles!

Hurrah! We’ve done five miles!

Bike on! Bike on!

With smelly feet, We’ll meet in casualty!

D Gough, Clifton, York.