WHAT I know about politics would go on a postage stamp. I have never been the least interested in this branch of social matters, but I am adamant that David Cameron is the best Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher.

My admiration for him is enhanced in the way that when arch federalist Jean-Claud Juncker was elected president of the Brussels Commission, he never considered altering his views on the suitability of this man. I expect his many critics were waiting in the wings for him to admit he was wrong, so they could start throwing stones, but David stuck to his guns.

Since his election, he has suffered tragedy with the loss of his young son, but he is by far the most eloquent and decisive leader we have had and long may he reign.

I cannot see how the European Union as it now stands benefits this country and I wish that David could act positively towards altering the rules to give this country more clout.

Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York.