WITH regards Mrs Chapman’s problems at Thirsk station; there is wheelchair access across the lines.

However, as was pointed out to me – only just with a veneer of politeness – this was not for cyclists; with or without shoulder problems.

By the time I had found someone to help me down the steps I had missed the Grand Central train and had to pay £7 on Trans-pennine instead of £2.50.

Having discovered through The Press a fellow victim, I will write to the Cyclists’ Touring Club; they have a fair amount of clout.

Who is the MP for Thirsk? That can be an alternative – or addition.

The situation is not acceptable, but reflects the train operators’ take it or leave it policy.

Not interested in carrying bikes; their refusal to accept more than two during the Tour is just typical. The German Rail Co would have a complete coach for bikes to hand, but oh no, not here.

G Brian Ledger, Horseman Close, Copmanthorpe, York.