I PLAY a good game every morning on the No 5 bus on the section of road between the Ainsty and the turn-off on to Clifton Bridge. It is called “spot the passenger on the No 59 bus”.

Yes, I know it is a park & ride bus, but so is the Number 7, which I sometimes get from the station to the designer outlet, and that pulls into all stops en route. So why can’t the number 59 pull in along Boroughbridge Road before it continues up to Poppleton Bar?

I catch the bus on a night outside the Cedar Court. The number 59 pulls into the stop before mine. I could get that but someone told me it only stops outside CPP.

Last Friday I was tired of waiting for my bus home and got the first available bus, which was a number 1, and walked home from Acomb. A number 59 did turn up but I couldn’t get on.

Last week my 83-year-old mother and I went to an event at York Theatre Royal. We missed the number 5 bus by a couple of minutes, walked to Cedar Court to find the next bus was about another 20 minutes and continued on to the station to find the number 10 was a 40-minute wait. So we got a taxi.

Please can City of York Council and First York consider again where the number 59 bus stops on Boroughbridge Road.

S Cocker, Almsford Road, York,