OH the joys of haymaking on Rawcliffe and Clifton Ings.

Your Tansy Beetle correspondent brought back memories of 30 years plus. There were a couple of handfuls of buyers, one of Stephenson’s auctioneers the late Nigel or James or such would arrive to sell the grass areas. It was hilarious, this area from the tree on the right to the next tree and so on.

We travelled through the Burton Stone estates to avoid the city centre traffic – the local children excited at seeing big tractors (nothing to the size of today’s) and ex lorry trailers, cycled or ran alongside us. A policeman stopped one of our drivers – no lights, brakes on trailers etc – they were not required then so haymaking progressed.

We had to get the bales off or the children made dens and tunnels (no health and safety then), ruining them – also throwing them into the Ouse.

One evening we were surprised to see the lovely Reg Stephenson arrive to sell the grasses.

My late husband asked him why he had come, he replied: “I’m delegated the lads’ jobs now.” Happy or not so happy days depending on the weather.

Pamela Frankland, Hull Road, Dunnington, York.