CAN the landlords of public houses in York explain why we are losing the lovely old signs?

The first to go was the Windmill, in Blossom Street, to be replaced by a boring board with the words The Windmill. At first it was black lettering on cream, but is now a terrible khaki colour obscuring the name altogether.

Next was the Bay Horse, also in Blossom Street. Its wonderful sign was replaced by a scrawly drawing in black which could have been drawn by a two-year-old. You can’t even tell it’s a horse from a distance.

I consoled myself by looking at the wonderful sign at The Fox in Holgate. But now after refurbishment the poor fox has been taken down and replaced with another boring board with black lettering.

What happens to these lovely old signs?

All the character of the premises is being taken away in the name of modernisation.

Mrs W Carter, Marston Crescent, Acomb, York.