I ENJOYED reading the article about photographer Garry Atkinson (Spotlight on newsman’s life in pictures, centre pages June 6).

As one of the dancers in the picture in the article I would like, on behalf of Ebor Morris and other various groups I have been involved with over the last 30 years, to wish Garry a happy retirement.

Garry has often covered The York Traditional Dance Festival and we have always found him to be good humoured and very professional. Well done Garry, hope to see you around.

Unlike Garry, some of his colleagues, caption writers and proof readers (if there are any!) are not as professional.

The caption under the picture says it is outside the Minster when it is outside the Mansion House. Only a couple of weeks ago there was a picture in The Press where the caption read Blossom Street and Micklegate Bar when it was obviously Bootham and Bootham Bar and, please, there is no ‘s’ in Deangate.

Paul Sanderson, Ebor Morris, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York.