CITY of York Council’s application to erect gates 24 feet in width in Stockton Lane to allow large vehicles to access Monk Stray, which was heard yesterday (June 5), is the latest move in a debate that so far has generated a lot more heat than light.

It is the contention of the council that such gates are necessary to give access to large vehicles on to the Stray for events they plan to hold there.

The fact that there is already a wide access point on Monk Avenue, a few yards from where the proposed new opening is to be made, and another near the Straylands Road junction with Malton Road that has never been used since the Round Britain Cycle Race finished a stage on the Stray some years ago, seems to have escaped them.

Many local residents have objected to this application, not because we are bloody minded or against the use of the Stray, but because the type of event that the Council would like to hold is not suitable for the terrain.

At present, the Stray is under inches of water because there has been heavy rain and the surface of the Stray is almost impermeable clay.

It is never possible to predict weeks in advance what the surface will be like.

It would be good if both sides in the debate could get together and have a sensible discussion.

It is, after all, our Council Tax that is being spent .

Sarah Sheils, Stray Garth, Malton Road, York.