THE Press article about the planned extension of 20mph speed limits to the east of the city correctly identified the controversial policy was to have been "rolled out in the north of York in April" (More 20mph zones for York, June 3).

Without sign of any work in Strensall ward, I asked for an update. Imagine my surprise to be told proposals to extend the "20's plenty" scheme beyond the A1237/A64 ring road have now been shelved.

Is Labour saying it values the safety of residents in villages such as Strensall, Earswick, Haxby, Wigginton and Skelton less than other parts of the city, or purely an admittance of a ditched scheme heading for overspend and failure of its core policy?

While the vast cost of £500,000+ to add to street clutter and future maintenance does not seem to be a wise use of taxpayers' money without any guarantee of significant enforcement, I do agree that it should be up to residents locally to decide whether it is appropriate for their street. A "choice" option that this Labour Council deprives us of.

With destructive Labour Local Plan aims of forcing thousands of extra homes on greenbelt around York, there will be little chance of traffic movement anywhere near 20mph. It will be at a standstill in gridlock.

Coun Paul Doughty, Conservative, Strensall ward, West End, Strensall.