I AM pleased The Press has highlighted the concerns in Fulford that residents are being kept in the dark over the planned Germany Beck development (Residents want a say on house plans, May 30).

Requests for a meeting of the Community Forum have been refused since January and now a decision on a contentious archaeological report will be taken in secret.

Fulford Parish Council has raised significant doubts about the report and the archaeological scheme it outlines. Our view is shared by archaeologist Chas Jones and many local residents.

Given the accepted historical importance of the site, these concerns (at the very least) should be debated in public by City of York Council’s Planning Committee.

It was therefore disappointing that the chair and vice-chairs of this committee turned down Fulford Councillor Keith Aspden’s "call-in" request.

We hope City of York Council colleagues will look again at their decision to allow council officers to decide on the report behind closed doors. Saying that it is “the normal way of things” is not good enough.

A proper assessment of the report must be made in the open and under the full gaze of public scrutiny.

Alan Smith, Chair, Fulford Parish Council, Fordlands Road, Fulford.