WHEN the EU was set up, its main aim was to encourage trade between member nations. Since the EU has have lost sight of this aim, become more powerful, more greedy and become a gravy train for its MEPs.

The recent European elections have shown how unhappy voters are with the way it is being run. The EU acknowledged this and promised to look at ways of improving things.

So what did they do? They straight away asked for an increase of £3.8 billion to its budget, of which £500 million would come from the UK and this request is from an organisation whose auditors have refused to sign off on an audit for 19 years.

David Cameron says, if elected at the next General Election, he will renegotiate the terms of our membership and then ask the country if they wish to stay in the EU.

Public opinion and the popularity of UKIP in the recent elections has indicated that only a straight in or out vote will satisfy the voters; and whoever is elected to run the country will do just that and not be told what to do by Brussels or Strasbourg.

We elect a government to run the country for us; not Europe.

A P Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York.