FOLLOWING the recent election, there has been much discussion on the disappointing turn out and I wouldn’t be surprised if those within the 18-30 age bracket were the least responsive of all.

This is not because we don’t care, but simply because voting is an antiquated and inaccessible system for those who do not live at a permanent address and spend most of their time at work or on their daily commute.

As a 27-year-old woman, who has lived at more than eight addresses in three different cities in the past nine years, I have always made the effort to vote in a general election. However, when it comes to local elections, I am often unaware of who my representatives are and haven’t managed to set up my vote as part of that constituency.

Don’t get me wrong: I have used the postal vote in the past, but in this election, I received no communication about how I could re-register my voting rights.

Recently on a trip to Stockholm, I noticed that citizens could vote at the station on their commute to work, which seems extremely logical. Couldn’t we make voting easier by using the technology available to us?

If we did, then I’m certain that more people would vote, making elections a much fairer and effective way of deciding the future for our country.

Laura Theobold, Long Ridge Drive, Upper Poppleton, York.