ALTHOUGH it was pleasing that York’s Conservative vote was higher than Labour or the Greens and nearly treble that of the Lib Dems, there’s no denying the strong performance of Ukip.

On the EU many are rightly frustrated. If you believe the EU is appalling and unchangeable, then Ukip is a party for that one issue; if you believe it wonderful, the Lib Dems should be your choice.

But if you believe we should change Europe and then everyone have a say, only the Conservatives are able and willing to deliver this. As for Labour – who knows?

Many also voted Ukip as they are frustrated on other issues and it’s easy for Judith Morris to talk in clichés such as: “Ukip is with you, because we are you” and the “political elite”. As a councillor and someone who has lived in York all my life, whether attending parish councils, arranging bins to be emptied or campaigning for sensible housing levels, am I member of her ‘political elite’?

People in York do want change and the Conservative Group is fighting for a council to protect York’s character, deliver effective frontline services and have low council tax. Judith should explain what her party’s change is. It cannot just be all things to all people and criticise all others’ actions – or there really is no role for the Lib Dems.

Cllr Chris Steward, Rural West York Ward, Conservative group leader.