GODFREY BLOOM , one assumes, wouldn't work for the minimum wage because he receives far more as an MEP "working" as a UK representative for an institution he despises (Letters, May 21).

Mr Bloom refers to "the absurdity of the minimum wage"; what, pray tell, does he call his remuneration as an MEP?

He "earns" €96,000 annual salary; receives a contributory pension of 3.5 per cent; annual €51,588 general costs budget; travel allowance of up to €4,243 per year; other expenses including indirect annual staffing costs of €254,508.

Mr Bloom inflates his own self worth yet criticises those earning even the paltry minimum wage.

Everyone should have the basic requirements to form the basis of a decent life.

This should include a citizens' income to replace the state pension and most welfare benefits and a national bank for cheap rent and mortgages for the lower paid.

If he remains as an MEP, Mr Bloom can earn his pay by enquiring in the EU parliament, why UK politicians have been allowed to thieve thousands from UK citizens by denying them the state pension at ages 60 and 65 as promised after 39 and 44 years of National Insurance contributions.

Tom Scaife, Manor Drive, York.