SO IT is now confirmed that £275,000 from developer contributions to the Monks Cross development is to be spent providing free parking at city-centre car parks (bizarrely from 8am during the rush hour).

What is galling for residents of Forge Close and Saddlers Close in Jockey Lane, Huntington, is that some of the money from developers should be used to provide a right-turn lane for the Range store.

At a Cabinet member decision-making meeting last year, I asked for this lane to be installed as part of the improvements for cyclists and pedestrians on Jockey Lane.

The cost was reported to be £25,000, but the Cabinet member refused to authorise the work.

So when the toucan crossing is installed, residents, pedestrians and cyclists will suffer unnecessary pollution as vehicles turning into Range block the vehicles behind them.

It’s not too late for the new Cabinet member to approve this addition to the scheme that would improve the quality of life for many people – despite being promised for January, the scheme has not yet been implemented.

Cllr Keith Orrell Huntington and New Earswick ward, Trent Avenue, Huntington, York.