FURTHER to the closure of Lendal Bridge, if the council wishes to permanently close this bridge, perhaps it should consider opening another.

A fairly reasonable site would be from Marygate to the car park of the postal sorting office, which may have a limited life due to the business being transferred to Leeds.

This would entail a certain amount of road alterations. These would include the installation of a roundabout in Bootham at the end of Marygate, with heavy vehicles continuing along Bootham to the A1237, light traffic from Gillygate, with a suitable weight limit, turning left to go over the new bridge.

On arriving at Leeman Road from the bridge, traffic would turn left, then bear right (as now), to a new roundabout at the Station Road, Leeman Road junction, thus avoiding the necessity for traffic lights, and ensuring a free flow of traffic, also reinstating the right turn from Leeman Road to the station, with private cars from the station direction, turning left here to access the Marygate bridge via the new roundabout.

Rougier Street traffic from the station would continue to use the right-hand lane as now, with the ‘bus lane’ starting at the entry to Station Road and continuing to the traffic lights in Exhibition Square.

Unfortunately this suggestion does not alleviate the vehicular pollution of Gillygate, but better minds than mine can suggest a solution.

The result of this would be that Exhibition Square, St. Leonard’s Place, Museum Street and Lendal Bridge would be free of private vehicles, only being used by public service vehicles, taxis and cyclists.

R Hutchinson, Sherwood Grove, York.