FIASCO is such an inadequate word to use when describing the Labour council’s handling of the Lendal Bridge debacle.

It is, however, a matter of far greater concern to the city as to what may be the outcome of the legal wranglings that those in charge have enacted as they seek to slither out of the abyss that they have created.

I have seen reported elsewhere that Newham council has been ordered to refund motorists who were issued illegal parking fines. The estimate in Newham is that it will cost the council £350,000 for the 5,000 illegal tickets issued.

In York, it is reported that some 55,000 penalty charges have been issued. If we assume that the fines are levied at a similar rate then 11 x £350,000 adds up to almost £4 million. Who is going to foot the bill for that?

Robin Dickson, Fishergate, York.