ALTHOUGH James Alexander, Dave Merrett and their colleagues lost the battle of Lendal Bridge, I am sure they will find other ways to attack motorists.

Already plans are afoot to extend the 20mph speed limits to areas north and east of the city and to maintain the extra footstreet hours. Few concessions have been made for disabled drivers to access the city centre and taxpayers’ money is being recklessly spent on unnecessary projects.

I am glad to hear York Civic Trust and other organisations are planning to get together to advise the council on future planning. Council leaders should listen to them and to the citizens of York before it is too late. Already irreparable damage has been done to the character of King’s Square and we should scrutinise carefully the other projects in the pipeline.

I am inclined to think that voters will have a big responsibility when it comes to the elections next year if York is not to lose its reputation as an attractive historical city as well as a vibrant centre for business and tourism.

Jean Frost, Heworth, York.