I AM the mother of two sons and it was seldom that either of them didn’t sport some kind of scratch, cut, bruise or other injury during their school days, sustained at school or during play.

Most of their friends suffered in the same way; it was all part of growing up.

So I was disgusted to read the report of the “compensation” paid out to school children by North Yorkshire County Council (The Press, April 5).

What is this country coming to when the smallest hurt has to be paid for in hard cash?

To bring up a child in the belief that any hurt to themselves is always someone else’s fault and has to be paid for is unforgivable. Also, the sum of £4,500 paid out to the murderer of Milly Dowler while in prison is beyond belief.

Since when has the compensation cult taken over from good sense?

No wonder councils are strapped for money when they have to fund these ridiculous claims.

Heather Causnett, Escrick Park Gardens, Escrick, York.