YOUR headline news (The Press, April 2) “Lendal Bridge fines ‘wrong’ says inspector,” appears to me to be misleading, especially when you take into account the smiling faces of Coun Steward and Coun Reid, on a background picture of a traffic-free Lendal Bridge.

They obviously think they have scored a political goal.

When your readers look at the main article (of the same edition, on page five) I ask residents of York, which would they prefer? A bus stuck (or three buses) in a traffic queue or being able to get about the city, to do what they are there for, and that is to transport the residents of York from A to B according to a published timetable.

I can see that mistakes regarding signage have been made in the implementation of the scheme, but can anybody tell me of a new road traffic scheme (albeit experimental) that does not run into teething problems.

A main responsibility of a motorist is be aware of traffic signs.

The law on any given aspect can be interpreted by different people in different ways (and that takes into account Government inspectors/adjudicators).

Always remember the police evidence and the coroners’ comments at the original Hillsborough inquiry/inquests and what is happening now, some 25 years after that disastrous and appalling disaster.

Howard Perry, St James Place, Dringhouses, York.