SO THE traffic restrictions in Coppergate and Museum Street and the resultant closure of Lendal Bridge, it would appear from the Government traffic expert’s report, were not thought through properly by the council and they are now seeking “independent legal advice”.

Perhaps if they had not been so intent on forcing these measures through and had sought legal advice before they made their decision they would not now be in this position.

Unbelievably, council leader James Alexander says that he “accepts that the implementation has not been to a standard my colleagues and I would expect”.

Buck successfully passed then!

If the drivers who “broke” the rules are to get their fines refunded that will be more expense.

And will these drivers get an apologetic letter with their refund? Judging by the council’s past performance I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Robert MacMahon rightly says in his recent letter that if this had happened in private business heads would have rolled and should for this disgraceful state of affairs.

Richard Wells, Milson Grove, Hull Road, York.