JUST when you thought Labour’s Lendal Bridge fiasco couldn’t get any worse comes the news that the council should not even be fining motorists (The Press, April 2).

This has been a botched trial from the start. Labour failed to consult residents or local businesses before closing Lendal Bridge.

Signs put up at the start of the trial were – according to the ruling by the Government’s Traffic Adjudicator – “inadequate”.

During the trial more than 53,000 motorists have been fined, congestion in areas such as Foss Islands Road and Clifton Bridge has worsened, and most Park & Ride journey times in the city have increased.

Labour told residents the trial would end in February – last week they confirmed it will remain closed until at least May. Now we know that the council does not have the power to fine motorists using the cameras on Lendal Bridge or Coppergate.

Despite this, Labour still insists the closure restrictions will remain in place.

Labour should switch off the enforcement cameras now, reopen the bridge, repay those that have been fined, and the cabinet member responsible for the mess should resign.

Coun Ann Reid, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for transport.