IT IS right City of York Council investigates what has gone wrong in the tale of woe that has been the Lendal Bridge and Coppergate fines.

Just days ago we thought the damage was reputational and a cost to the economy in the future; but it now seems there could be a real cost after the administration of fines which may have to be refunded.

It is appalling the way Labour cabinet members have hidden behind officers over Lendal Bridge, apparently believing the media policy should be “cabinet members do the good news and officers the bad news”.

The Lendal Bridge farce has been a key plank of the administration and Coun James Alexander should start answering questions while Coun Dave Merrett, who has ‘managed’ the issue, should save some face by offering his resignation.

But more than this, Labour must realise they are the ruling administration and are here to take responsibility; the buck stops with them rather than merely the camera awaiting their latest photo opportunity.

Coun Chris Steward, Leader York Conservative group, Councillor rural West York.