I SEEK information about Mr Harold N Cooke, who died in York in 1949.

Mr Cooke was born in Hull in 1889 and after in his early life being in the Territorial Army then the Merchant Navy and finally, after serving in the Army Service Corps until 1919, he went on to be a concert director/professional musician on luxury liners until the 1940s.

On his death certificate his occupation was an “Army clerk”.

He lived towards the end of his life at 68 Lindley Street, York, with sisters Alice and Ellen Sayer, whose father was a photographer in the city. At time of death other lodgers at the address were a William and Fanny Pegg.

Harold died on October 4, 1949, and his ashes buried in Leeds cemetery.

There may still be someone who knew Harold alias Harold Curtis-Cooke, Norman Cooke or Norman Crichton which is the name Harold was christened with. I would be very grateful should anyone be able to help me trace his later life and ask they phone me on 01452 856788. I am the above person’s first cousin twice removed.

David C Robinson, Marleyfield Close, Churchdown, Gloucester.