THE members of this council should be credited with more sense than we give them.

Regarding the so-called consultation with residents in the vicinity of Monk Stray for the use of campers, caravanners, food outlets and entertainers while the French bike race is in Yorkshire, they chose to have the meeting place at Bell Farm on Huntington Road.

There is no direct bus route from our area plus few car-parking spaces, so anyone driving would probably have had to leave their vehicle a considerable distance from the meeting venue or take a tortuous, roundabout journey by bus, always assuming there was a bus available.

The only bus service to travel the length of Stockton Lane is the Coastliner with long intervals in between services.

Only about 70 people attended that meeting and it is reported, they were hardly allowed time to draw breath, let alone ask questions, and I gather those questions were largely unanswered, and none was allowed regarding the plans for Monk Stray, so what exactly was the point?

The meeting would have been better held either in Christchurch Hall or even the Community Centre on Stray Road.

Janet S Kitchen-Cooper, Ashley Park Road, York