WHILE more people are taking to riding bicycles, more and more are riding on pavements rather than on road.

Cyclists at least have the option of riding on the road or on the pavement; pedestrians do not have that choice if they want to stay alive.

Cyclists can ride at great speed and do so on roads and pavements. Generally, they ride up behind pedestrians who do not know they are there and may deviate in their walking, for one reason or another, such as old age.

There is no way a cyclist could avoid a collision in such circumstances, which in the elderly could cause severe injury or even death.

Old people have the right to walk in safety on pavements, but they are too frightened of being mowed down to go out, which again can be detrimental to their health.

Another similar hazard is children on scooters, where they can and do travel at great speed on pavements, with parents trailing behind them at great distance.

These children come in droves from schools some dangerously near the edge of the pavement with a very busy Shipton Road inches away.

It is a bad enough that pavements are so badly pot-holed as to cause serious injury to pedestrians without these extra dangers.

Where have the bells gone that used to be on all bikes? At least it would give pedestrians a chance.

C M Ritchie, Alwyne Drive, Shipton Road, York