AS A visitor to York, I had a fine issued for crossing Lendal Bridge in November.

This scheme is a disaster and probably not legal.

I appealed my fine first to the council and then to the independent adjudicator, which was not contested by the council as it does not want to have this scheme unravel.

I now have my money back. Everyone should appeal.

There are no blue bus lane signs when heading out of the city in contravention of the bus lane statutory guidance notes. This means there is no alternative route for drivers to take, in contravention of the guidance, which says drivers must be given the option 300 metres before they are trapped into entering the lane.

Also the road markings are incorrect for a bus lane scheme. City of York Council knows this which is why it does not contest any appeals.

Just saying that the signs are legal is not enough if the scheme as a whole is illegal. The bridge itself has no sign telling people this is what it is called either.

My family will not be returning to York ever again. How many other tourists are you going to loose?

Michael Reynolds, Pottersfield Road, Cheltenham.