ON FRIDAY afternoon I saw my youngest granddaughter with 150 youngsters take part in a St Patrick’s Day celebration at the National Centre for Early Music.

What a moving experience to be shown, through their performance, the story of St Patrick (who incidentally came from Cumbria) and also the true meaning of equality regardless of race, religion or ability.

The children sang & worked with great enthusiasm & empathy towards their story, which was very well narrated by Canon Michael Ryan. Great credit must go to all who helped but in particular the teachers & children from St George’s RC Primary School.

However, my enjoyment didn’t end there. On the Friday evening, I went to see my eldest granddaughter at Joseph Rowntree’s Theatre in the mod musical Shout!

It was a top performance, the five girls all had voices worthy of the West End and the live band was excellent.

It charted how their lives changed throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

We thoroughly enjoyed every song along with those on stage; in fact by the end of the night I really wanted to stand up & sing along with them. Many thanks to everyone involved, in particular Nik Briggs who master minded this brilliant production.

Sue Lightfoot, Lilac Avenue, York