I KNOW there is nothing anyone can do about any of these incidents, and it is impossible to educate some car, van and lorry drivers to be aware when passing cyclists.

I have just come back from a pleasant cycle ride from York to Pocklington, avoiding the main roads.

However, so many cars overtook us (four of us) without slowing down, not bothering whether a car was coming in the opposite direction, they overtook us on bends.

Although we ride in single file, when a car is coming from behind , obviously due to the bad condition of the roads we can’t go too near the verge.

You hear stories of so many cyclists getting killed or very badly injured.

Some (a minority of) drivers are rude, ignorant and drive extremely dangerously It’s now becoming a thought that crosses my mind each time I go out on my bike: will I and my cycle friends survive this ride?

We were waiting to cross over the A166 between Stamford Bridge and the Balloon Tree.

Two crossed over, the other two off us waited patiently, a car very kindly stopped to let us cross. But an ignorant and dangerous driver came out of the queue without looking and very very nearly cleaned us out.

How can we stop these mad drivers? We never will. If only they could realise we are mums, dads, grandmas, grandads just like them.

Dawn Riley, Maypole Grove, Naburn, York.