I WRITE with pride that the building of Archer Place in York (council housing) was the first development by City of York Council for 20 years.

There still needs to be many more. At present the council aims to build at least 50 more council houses by mid-2015; furthermore their plans for 22,000 more new homes is to be applauded.

Social housing has depleted so much that it comes as no surprise that homelessness in York is a massive problem.

It is only the Labour Party that has championed this initiative.

As for the Labour Party, we have not always shouted loud enough about our ambition at national level.

Far too much cosying up to middle-class voters, I think, in the not too distant past.

We have been so wrapped up with finance we appear, to many, to be no different to the Tories and the Lib Dems.

Well we are.

It’s high time we paid attention to the needs of the many who are in desperate need and do what is needed rather than look for excuses to do nothing.

We should say yes to a building programme; and look at utilising land.

Let’s be right about it; it’s only people who are better off and own their own homes (I am by the way a home owner in Bishopthorpe) who think they have a monopoly on opinion and what should be built where. The landscape changes and will continue to change and need to change. Support those who are working for workingclass people.

David Peacock, Bishopthorpe, York