I TOO was at the lecture on Richard III, Hero or Tyrant at Acomb Explore Library, as was D Nicholson.

I totally agree with what he/she says in a recent letter sent to The Press.

The historian giving the lecture was totally biased. I am chairman of the Society of Friends of King Richard III, so I am therefore biased in Richard’s favour, and therefore not a Tudor fan, but even I was totally embarrassed at the historian’s bias.

You expect historians to give two sides to a story without any favour to one side or the other.

You leave the audience to make up their own minds.

I am sure as D Nicholson says that it achieved the opposite of its intention, and that it put plenty of people off Richard.

I, like D Nicholson, have signed the petition on behalf of my society to bring Richard home to York.

Sandra Wadley, Saddlebrook Court, Herman Walk, York