I WOULD like to thank you for the article on the new council homes and homes for sale on Beckfield Lane (The Press, March 5).

This area was identified for housing first by North Yorkshire County Council in the 1980s, and then by City of York Council in every Draft Plan since then – both by Labour and during the eight-year Liberal Democrat-controlled council. The Liberal Democrat’s opposition to the housing in 2012 was then strange as they had always supported it.

We are very proud as a Labour administration to be building council homes. Beckfield Lane is the first phase of much-needed new council housing that will come forward over the next year.

It is paid for out of the housing revenue account and grants from the Homes and Communities Agency.

I am sure this housing will be welcomed by the many families struggling to live in York who provide many vital services through their employment.

Coun Tracey Simpson-Laing , Cabinet Member for health, housing and adult social service.