MY PARTNER just finished reading me the letter of February 18 from Heather Causnett regarding the complaint re: Dave Lee Travis and Heather’s suggestions for women who are touched against their will.

I’m furious, shocked and disgusted. She seems to think that women who are sexually molested against their will should deal with it using violence. She is also disgusted with her sex.

It’s always a sign of huge stupidity when someone suggests righting one crime by committing another. If someone, anyone, touches you against your wishes you can ensure they are punished however you wish, as long as it’s legal obviously.

Why Heather thinks she has the right to tell women who have been abused how they should have the matter dealt with is beyond me. Also she’s disgusted with her sex! Trust me, Heather, the feeling is 100 per cent mutual.

Laura Cooper, Bootham, York.