IN RESPONSE to Rose Berl (Letters, February 7), I have to say it’s weird to walk out of the library these days.

I step out of the revamped building and it’s peaceful. No longer having to face the onslaught of noise, I can hold on to my precious moments a little longer and cross the road without having to squeeze between cars bumper-to-bumper.

The closure of Lendal Bridge has given us a little bit of York back where anyone can enjoy a few moments to walk easy again. This isn’t a crime.

Perhaps when we aren’t completely focused on where cars have to go and where pedestrians have to go, we gain a little more space to think about whether we actually want to draw up these battle lines. Whether we really want to live like this?

Now from the library, if I wanted to enjoy a little sojourn to the shops, I’m feeling different already. More relaxed, wanting to spend more time in such a pleasant location. York deserves this. I like your letter Rose.

I think the council has made an inspirational decision. Thank you both.

Louise Diver, Alma Terrace, York.

• I WAS astonished to read in Saturday’s edition of The Press a report that suggested that some buses were taking longer to make their journeys following the restrictions on cars crossing Lendal Bridge.

On my frequent visits to York, I often travel over the bridge on the number 1 bus and there is no doubt that following the restrictions on other traffic, all buses are able to proceed much more swiftly.

The efficiency of public transport has been improved and pollution is reduced.

Ken Wilson, Woodbridge Road, Ipswich.