READERS who are fed up with the ‘main parties’ and want a more positive message could look to the party that has been warning of the current flooding crisis for years – the Greens.

As we have seen, the climate does not recognise borders and combining with our European neighbours both to counter the floods and to tackle longer term global warming is very much in our national interest.

It is worrying that the anti-European agenda of some Tories and UKIP may have delayed Government acceptance of extra-specialised pumping equipment from the Dutch.

The Green Party has issued a ten-point plan to tackle the crisis. As well as massive investment in renewables and energy conservation, it includes redirecting some of the billions being spent on fracking and fossil fuel subsidies to help for flood victims and drawing down the maximum funding help from the European Union – something the Government has failed to do.

We should also reverse the 1,500 job losses at the Environment Agency, stop building on flood plains, increase spending on flood defences and improve storage of rain water in upland areas.

Denise Craghill, Candidate for the Green Party in Yorkshire & the Humber for the European Parliament Elections, Broadway West, York.