IN RECENT months poor Julian Cole has been the victim of some unwarranted personal criticism from Press readers, being accused of everything from ranting, to the heinous crime of politically incorrect humour.

In the interest of balance and fair play, I would like to step in for the defence.

Julian produces an intelligent, thoughtful and well crafted column, which in good journalistic style provokes questions and debate on a wide range of topical issues. His views are interspersed with an injection of good humour, often self-deprecating.

Julian is particularly adept at highlighting the need for evidence-based science to drive the debate on issues such as climate change, flooding, and fracking, rather than abject ignorance, or political spin.

Irrespective of whether I agree or disagree with Julian’s views on the world, I rarely fail to be impressed by his consummate skill as a journalist and his caring disposition.

If readers want to challenge Julian’s view, that’s fine. I did once over food intolerance, but attack the issues not a decent man.

Fiona Evans, Whenby Grove, Huntington, York.