AS David Cameron’s coalition government slips slowly below the rising floodwaters in the south of England, questions will be asked of him and Chancellor George Osborne.

Was it right to make cuts so deep to the local authorities who provide services that they can’t respond to a crisis?

There are fewer police to help and prevent looting. The Environment Agency has fewer people and resources and is unable to act as well to prevent flooding, and with cuts to the budget for flood defences, any measures such as dredging and the building of floodwalls have not been done or have been put on hold.

The Prime Minister has said money is “no object” but another minister has said it is “not a blank cheque”. Conflicting words but he and the Government will be judged by their response to the floods and in the aftermath of clearing up, which at the moment is a long time off.

Chris Mangham, Lindsey Avenue, Acomb, York.