Now we have become aware of the huge numbers of fines associated with non-exempted vehicles crossing Lendal Bridge, it is time to question whether what has been done is in fact congestion charging by stealth.

There is a case to be made for not only continuing the present restrictions but also extending them to other sections of city routes.

With the large increases in city suburbia and population proposed in the draft Local Plan, it is surely naïve to continue with the present largely open unrestrained access.

I suspect that the main problem is the fear that there are few votes for those who would contemplate introducing such restrictions.

However, this and other potential city administrations should consider a scheme which would involve charging for access with charges tailored to times of the day.

This would have to be coupled with high frequency of both Park&Ride and other bus services which would be financed from the congestion charges.

The problems of traffic are not just about congestion, they are also about urban air pollution affecting health, quality of life and the attractiveness of the inner city.

David Randon, Blue Slates Close, Wheldrake.

• Wow! £1.3 million in just a few months (Bridge fines reach £1.3 million, February 12).

Why don’t we close Blossom Street in time for the Grand Départ and make another killing from unsuspecting overseas visitors?

Jack Hunter, Oaken Grove, Haxby, York

• I HAVE watched for five months the disastrous closing of one half of our city from another, and I have listened, read and very occasionally taken part in radio discussion on the issue, but overall kept my own counsel.

However, no longer! The news that this council are netting more than £1 million in fines shows that this ‘trial’ is not working (The Press, February 12).

The council has shown that it is not listening or the bridge would be open; we would not have 20mph limits, a disastrous Local Plan, a plan to link us to Leeds, dreadful changes in our city centre, money wasted on things no one wants, even as we are threatened with a 1.9 per cent hike in council tax, while the council wages its own private war with central government.

At the moment, there is nothing we can do. All we can do is prepare – prepare for May 2015 when we can do something and I urge everyone to vote.

I want all the citizens of York to vote for what they want, for the best party for this city, but most importantly to vote.

Judith Morris, Chair, York UKIP Regional vice chair, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.