It may come as a surprise to some that not everyone is thrilled by the prospect of the disruption caused by the big bike race through York in July.

Now I find from the latest council “comic” that several other biking events are now also planned for March to June.

How are ordinary citizens to go about their normal business during these races? How will people get to work?

How is anyone west of the Ouse to get York Hospital?

How is anyone east of the Ouse to get to the railway station? Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the Lendal Bridge trial will probably have been deemed a success by then and closed permanently; Clifton and Skeldergate bridges will be cordoned off for some of the races, leaving only Ouse Bridge and the A64. Buses will be in meltdown. It will be chaos.

The lycra brigade and the council will, of course, say how much money the event will bring to York businesses, but how much benefit will ordinary taxpayer see?

Colin Richardson, Hobgate, York.