A MILLION new jobs, zero-hours contracts. How is that a job? How can people plan their future and get a mortgage?

The sea washes away the railway at Dawlish and the taxpayer has to pay the private rail companies millions a week while it is out of commission. All car and commercial drivers pay road tax; can we claim when a road is flooded or closed for another reason?

During the Labour years the working class made a living; the upper classes took millions out of the system.

Now the cost of living is devastating the working class while the upper classes still take millions.

The Tories attack trade unions with six million members, many more than all the political parties put together.

I call on all working-class people to join a trade union before it is too late, because the Labour party has deserted you; they stand by while the rich get richer by taking the taxes we pay for services and hand them to private companies to take profits.

Barclays Bank: £2.4 billion bonuses; 12,000 redundancies. We should be ashamed of ourselves as a society.

P Lovering, Ullswater, Woodthorpe, York.