I WOULD like to point out to employers that a commonsense approach to getting the right people in the workplace is mainly down to time flexibility.

I don’t mean starting at 8.30am instead of 8am. I mean if you want a part-time worker, be it cleaner or help in the office, why not a 9.30am or 10am start, allowing parents the time to drop off children and get to an office or work in plenty of time, without the need for child care or breakfast clubs.

This would make the employee happy, leaving more money in their pocket; and the employer would be happy with a happy employee, who is always more productive.

The work is there and the people to do the work are available and willing to work. I hope just one employer reads this and takes it to heart.

There are many women and men who would love to work, but because of the minimum wage and the cost of child care in York this always seems miles apart.

A little thought by employers could solve this simple issue immediately.

A house husband looking for work, Holgate, York.

• Editor’s note: The writer has asked that his name be made available on request to potential employers.