LIKE Tim Yeo MP, Anne McIntosh was given the opportunity of a ballot of the full membership of her constituency party in the final stage of her recent de-selection process. In Mr Yeo’s ballot, the decision against him was marginal, which he has accepted with dignity and grace, vowing to support his successor in the General Election. A worthy Parliamentarian and a true democrat.

Anne McIntosh was voted out by a “substantial majority” in a ballot of members of her Malton and Thirsk constituency party. The membership made it clear that Anne McIntosh would not be their candidate in the next election. I would suggest that Anne now follow Mr Yeo’s fine example.

Her supporters have claimed that a cabal conspired against her. Anyone who has met Anne would not recognise the image of her as a timid, downtrodden, shrinking violet.

Douglas Unwin, Acomb, York.