WHAT a pity that Stephen Lewis’s excellent feature of January 30 on the Airspeed factory was not published in September, when more public support might have been gained to influence the Cabinet decision in favour of the proposal.

People come to York for the history and heritage. The development of aviation is the next link in the chain, following on from the National Railway Museum.

A plaque is not enough – the site is specific to part of York’s history.

An Airspeed attraction, as described so graphically by MrRead, supported by the Civic Trust and developed by a York-based firm, would surely create employment, generate income and benefit citizens and taxpayers alike.

The increased footfall in Piccadilly would help to regenerate the area, increasing retail opportunities. The untidy space under the Stubbs development in Merchant Gate might at last attract an occupant. This is a more exciting option than another hotel, which would be better built near a Park&Ride site, helping to keep the city traffic free.

What a great hands-on resource it would be for schools, too.

Visit York wanted a new attraction. Let us hope the Cabinet has the foresight, vision and courage to grasp this opportunity.

A Gardiner, Kingsway, Stamford Bridge, York.


• IN the feature about Reynard’s garage, James Alexander talks about regeneration and says the area ought to be retail-led.

I would have thought the first job would be to fill all the empty shops dotted around the city before building more. There has been empty ground-floor space for two years-plus in Merchantgate since that building was turned into flats.

I agree the area needs to be revitalized, but not only with shops and hotels but also an attraction such as an air museum, which will bring more visitors to York.

More money would be spent in the city, which I am sure would please the council and all the shop and eatery owners.

Maureen Robinson, Broadway, York.