FURTHER to the ongoing saga of Lendal Bridge, I received a PCN (penalty charge notice) for allegedly crossing Lendal Bridge in October.

I filled in the form stating that as far as I was aware I had never crossed Lendal Bridge during prohibited times.

Being a resident of York well aware of situation, I requested to see better quality images, as the one supplied by Northampton was of the poorest reproduction I have ever seen.

A statement on the form said that the images were recorded on an approved device.

On December 5, I received a notice of acceptance of representation, cancelling the PCN. I called at the council offices on December 20 and asked to see someone in communities and neighbourhood or strategic planning transport, and was given lame excuses as to why this was not possible.

I left a photocopy of the original statement to Northampton, and also left a message requesting to speak with a representative about the images and devices.

No one contacted me.

I once more visited the council offices on January 13.

Someone came to speak with me and supplied a copy of the approval of the CCTV system.

I viewed more video of my vehicle from the alleged offence, but these no better than the one supplied.

Perhaps the clocks in the CCTV are at fault: can they differentiate between AM and PM, BST, GMT or planet Zanussi time?

K Atkinson, Gale Lane, Acomb, York.