You report that Anne McIntosh MP is renewing her campaign for faster broadband speeds in Thirsk and Malton. Well isn’t that fabulous for us all?

What you didn’t report is that she was the only non-minister Tory MP from North Yorkshire who failed to attend a crucial Westminster debate on delivering super-fast broadband to the county on January 8 – two weeks prior to her press release that led you to your report.

What pressing engagement kept her away from such an important meeting?

It wasn’t that she was away from Westminster, as she managed to maintain her usual seat behind David Cameron at PMQs that day.

Or was this yet another example of the pattern of behaviour which has forced so many of us in the constituency party to the painful conclusion that AM does not merit automatic readoption for Thirsk and Malton Conservatives as our MP: plenty of press release spin, but only hollow commitment or action on behalf of her constituents.

We deserve better. Much better.

Victor Buchanan, Ordinary member, Thirsk & Malton Conservative Association.