I was pleased to note the realistic support by Coun Any D’Agorne (Letters, January 22) for my appraisal of suggested future changes to the A1237.

It is incumbent on the other local politicians who were photographed with him to understand that no one can ever deliver an urban car owner’s paradise.

Trying to build one’s way out of traffic congestion has been proved time and again not to work. Our council’s transport planners must look decades ahead and tender advice which, if followed now, is the only realistic way to avoid eventual gridlock.

The A1237 proposals must be accompanied by full public domain scrutiny, and include a realistic assessment of future induced and diverted journeys. York’s local transport plan seeks to reduce car dependency and must not be undermined.

Ian Foster (Letters, January 22) interpreted my last letter as suggesting that every time fresh tarmac appears residents will dash out and buy another car to drive along it. Not so. Many will simply use their existing vehicles for more journeys.

Paul Hepworth, Windmill Rise, York.