JULIAN COLE’S column about fracking (The Press, January 16) should be sent to every politician.

He notes that France has wisely banned the process. A French company, however, unable to operate at home, will work here. Our government is taking unknown risks – pollution of our precious water, earth tremors, and other ills, and of course the widespread disfiguring of our landscape.

Insensitivity of this kind has already been shown in the case of HS2, which will destroy ancient forests, and also nature reserves. Like fracking, this has not been adequately discussed in Parliament.

We can ask why our country is going down hill so fast. Where is the “green and pleasant land”? Is it not time to recover democracy and secure adequate discussion? We must challenge those who think mainly of money. They are put into power to cherish our land. Mr Cameron, show reverence for life.

Roy Stevens, Willow Bank, New Earswick, York.


• I ALWAYS look forward to reading Julian Cole’s weekly ‘left- wing rant’ and concede that he is entitled to his opinion, but until now have always resisted putting pen to paper in protest.

I don’t intend to start now but am pleased to see Martin Smith (Letters, January 18) has finally taken the bait.

Letters like his are just what makes local newspapers such a good read.

Brian Howcroft, Bolton Percy, York.