IN AMONG the other junk mail, I noticed one which said in friendly colours: “It’s time to fight for British jobs…” I immediately wondered what does that mean.

Is it talking about people who are British? And how do you define British in a country which has a history of immigration and invasion long before 1066?

Is it, for instance, the likes of engineering and car manufacturing companies, almost all of which are owned by companies based outside of this green and pleasant land?

The same applies with our power supply and many of our banking companies.

And who exactly are we supposed to “fight” against? And how? Through the ballot box? I thought the whole idea of democratic representation was to avoid conflict.

Of course, then I spotted it was dispatched by the Liberal Party.

Then I realised I should have followed my first instinct and immediately confined it to the bin, along with the takeaway menus and other rubbish.

Malcolm J Glover, Lindsey Avenue, York.